Why Can’t DSTV Advertise Their Packages on DSTV?

Why Can’t DSTV Advertise Their Packages on DSTV?

Spoiler alert: They can, they are, and they should continue.

You know, I read some tweets trolling DSTV for advertising their services on their platform. That’s funny. Misguided too.

Here’s why DSTV is not crazy to advertise their products on DSTV.

1. It’s really not just those who own DSTV that watch DSTV. There are TVs in banking halls, hospitals, offices, and other public places. There are those who will like what they see and buy. There are those who will buy when they see the ads while watching in their friend’s house.

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2. DSTV has different packages. The non-user who sees the ads while watching in a public place may just realize that, they can afford one of the packages. The current user may realize that paying that extra 3k to have an upgraded package may not be such a bad idea after all.

3. As at 2018, DSTV had 13.5 million customers. Imagine putting your ads in front of over 13 million people 10 times daily. And that’s not even counting the non-customers that will be watching on public places when one of the ads will show. It’s not costing them anything. And the continued exposure of their viewers and potential customers to their ads and brand is a win for them. A good way to use owned media, really.

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