Media Relations

I'll help you develop a media strategy guaranteed to deliver results, identify the right media for your business, event, product, and leverage existing relationships with the media to get your business maximum exposure.

Crisis & Reputation Management

Whether you are trying to create a relationship between your intended customers or you're trying to douse a fire, I'm your man.

Thought Leadership

Using tested strategies, I'll help you achieve that goal of being a thought leader in your field. You should get in touch immediately.

Entertainment PR

Working on entertainment brands in film and music has shown that very few people and businesses pay attention to PR. I'll help you stand out and amplify your work.

Message Development

If you have ever struggled with articulating what you do, what your business is about or what your product offers, you should send me a message. I'll craft that message that'll resonate with the target audience.

Branded Entertainment

Together, we'll identify shows, places, and platforms where your audience can be found and put your product or service right in front of them.

Brand Journalism

I'll craft the right content suitable for media consumption, allowing you to control and own your own narrative rather than leave it in the hands of the media or bloggers.

Sports PR

A largely overlooked section. Your sports club deserves all the publicity it can get. Fans can't follow if they don't know what's happening. I'll tell stories that connect and give your sports club the needed lift.

Event Management

If you want to pull off a successful event, you should let me handle the process. From newsletters to publicity to venue, I'll help you pull off an event you can be proud of.


Lagos, Nigeria
+234 815-042-7050
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