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My Generator Repairer and Four Lessons on Brand Perception

The baba that repairs my generator has got to be the last honest handy man alive, and maybe one of the most competent people in his profession. 🤷

The first time I found out about him, the words that were used to describe him went somehow like this: “He is really good, but oloyinbo ni won (He’s a pro). He does not just accept work, he will give you a date to bring your gen. And he doesn’t do house calls.”

I don’t know if the other part was meant to discourage me but I was intrigued and I have not been disappointed since he started working on my gen, with the servicing and fixing.

So, here are some lessons on perception that I’ve picked from relating with the man:

Know Your Onions

There has never been a doubt that the baba knows what he’s talking about. Sometimes, he services my gen so well and fixes everything that when we meet on the road, I feel the need to apologise that he hasn’t seen me ‘since’.

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At a point, I felt the need to let him know that I hadn’t found a new repairer; the gen had just ‘refused to’ develop faults or show any need for servicing. He would smile and say he knew what he did there.

Know your onions. Let people be able to open their recommendations about you and what you do with, “He is very good”. Every other thing after that counts for very little to those listening, as long as those things are not that you don’t deliver on time. 🤦

Charge Your Worth

The first time I spoke with the baba and he told me his price for servicing gen and other ish. I tried to negotiate. He raised his hand calmly and shook his head, then said a firm ‘no’. My charge is fair enough. I don’t negotiate it.

I have not negotiated his charge once since then and I have never had any cause to even think about it.

Honesty Counts

This goes for both service providers and those who sell physical products. Honesty Counts in business.

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There are days I would take my gen to baba, thinking something was wrong with it. The man would check and tell me nothing is wrong and ask me to go check the cable or something at home. He won’t charge a dime.

I know the experiences I had with previous repairers. Once your gen is with them, something must leave your pocket. Honesty counts in business and converts your customers to brand evangelists. Yeah, like me. 😛

Set Respectable Boundaries

Baba does not do house calls. He does not work on Sundays. He does not work after 7pm. Once he has left his shop, dazzol for the day.

His shop is made of wood, by the way. Nothing fancy. But he commands respect because he sets boundaries and all. You can’t just call him up and ask him to start coming to your house. Nah! Not happening. Things like these add a certain appeal to the service you provide and even if it makes people uncomfortable sometimes, they know what you can and cannot do.

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In the end, let people be able to say: “He’a really good”. The buts don’t matter. But his charges are high. But you have to book an appointment. But this. But that. Be good. That’s important. That’s how you get customers/clients like me that dedicate a blog post and free ad for a man whose service I pay for. Be good. BE VERY GOOOOD!

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